We offer professional construction services and a wide range of cds-Epoxy Systems & Flooring materials – high-quality products for industrial flooring, the maintenance and preservation of concrete and asphalt surfaces.
cds POLYMERE offers you the full advantages of our services from optimal individual planning to expert onsite construction.

  • The cds POLYMERE concept “Vehicular-Use Surfaces” offers comprehensive solutions for fast, environmental-friendly traffic safety: friction improvement, rolling noise reduction and color arrangement on the traffic lane surfacing. An important factor for the safety of streets and highways is the condition of the pavement surface. The influence of weather and the continuously increasing traffic load accelerate wear-and-tear and the natural aging process.
  • INDUSTRIAL AND MANUFACTURING AREAS – Floors in industrial areas, shops, factories, production centers und warehouses are used in many ways and underlie various demands.<br>Similarly, the required standards for the functionality of the floors are varied and very diverse.Aesthetical appearance, coloring, abrasion resistance, skid resistance, mechanical impact resistance capacity, chemical resistance, elasticity, impermeability against fluids, <br>ease of cleaning, care and maintenance are examples of the essential criteria, which industrial floorings must meet.
  • cds-EPOXY SYSTEMS & FLOORING MATERIALSThe cds-Epoxy Systems & Flooring materials (Structure Protection Products) offer well founded solutions for lasting repair and optical revaluation of industrial, shop and hangar floorings from the first step on. Cds POLYMERE offers you customized systems, which can be chosen according to the special application requirements and are produced according to need.
    The range of cds-Epoxy Systems & Flooring materials (Structure Protection Products) is extensive.
  • AIRCRAFT-USE PAVEMENTSPOSSEHL SPEZIALBAU offers a variety of solutions to problems from the repair to the complete rehabilitation of runways, taxiways and aprons.
    Surface Treatments for air field pavements have been especially developed to improve the friction in wet conditions (acc. to ICAO, Annex 14, and JAR-25 requirements) to prevent aquaplaning, and for shorter braking paths on wet or contaminated pavements, directional stability with cross winds, improved grip in the presence of slush and ice film, protection of the pavement, avoidance of FOD danger, resistance against chemical de-icing agents, fuel, heat and jet engine streams.